The Little Cypress EDC

Named for the Little Cypress River that feeds Caddo Lake, the site of many movies and TV shows based on its prehistoric looks (extremely swampy and harsh environment), this little redneck slicer was built for everyday carry in a demanding environment.

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It’s Tough!

Don’t let the good looks fool you. This blade is made from 1095 high carbon steel and deferentially hardened to have both shock resistance and edge holding hardness. This little redneck slicer will hold its shape and edge long past conventional blades. The handles are made from strong micarta and ready to take on any task. Whether it’s a 4 day pirogue trip into the swamp, a bug out tactical situation, or a just package from Amazon, this is the tool for the job. Our knives are built for the working professional but they know how to play too…..

It’s Purdy!

With an acid etched and buffed blade, decorative file worked spine, custom pins, and a beautiful set of grips, this little beauty’s rugged good looks are matched with plenty of charm. So clip it on your hip for any occasion.

It’s Compact!

Overall length is 7 5/8 inches, with the blade measuring 3.25″ and the handle at 4.5″.


She’s ready to step out with her fitted Kydex holster for a secure and compact carry.