The Tumpy

This knife gets its name from an old swamp rat that prowled the swamps and bayous of the Piney Woods region of Texas and Louisiana. He was rugged, no nonsense, and lived by an old code. He made his living with his hands in a hostile and unforgiving environment. Surrounded by miles of swamp, mosquitoes, and gators, the men of his generation made survival their craft. They lived by their wits and what providence gave them. Bone-handled knives and tooled leather sheaths were worn like jewelry and became the focus of conversations around fires and card tables. Each man would show his prized blade or “magnum” pistol along with the most recent tall tale associated with them.

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When this knife was born, only one name came to mind – The Tumpy.

Made from 1070 HC spring steel and deferentially hardened this beastly take on the classic swamp knife is ready for anything. It features a naval bronze quillon guard and pommel at each end of an antler handle, with leather and micarta shock-absorbent inserts. Not only is she a beautiful blade, worthy of any fireside conversation, but is also made to withstand the riggers of everyday use.

The blade measures 7 inches in length with a 5 1/2 inch handle. She is dressed to impress in her tooled leather sheath by Clay Hamil Saddlery.

Each knife is handmade using natural materials and may differ slightly in appearance but never in quality.